Programa em C legal ;-)

* Sun's Java is often touted as being "portable", even though my code won't
* suddenly become uber-portable if it's in Java. Truth is, Java's one of
* the most ugly, slow, and straitjacketed languages ever. It's popular
* mainly because people hear the word "portable" and go "ewww".
* This program, then, is dedicated to bringing about the death of Java. We
* good coders have been oppressed for too long by the lame language
* decisions of pointy-haired bosses and academics who should know better.
* It's time we stand up against this junk, and bring back the fun in
* programming! Viva La Revolution!

#define aSet c
#define BufferedReader(x)1
#define byte Y[I][_^1]?do(:):_&1?do(.):do(`):8;++y;}
#define class int N=0,_,O=328,l=192,y=4,Y[80][64]={0},I;struct
#define do(c)a(#c "\b")
#define err c,c
#define getAllStrings(x));q()
#define if(x)b(#x)
#define IOException
#define line c
#define main(a)b(char*x){write(1,"\033[",2),null}main()
#define new
#define null a(x);}a(char*x){write(1,x,strlen(x));try;try;try;try;
#define out c,c
#define println(x)c
#define private int d(int
#define public short c;}c;typedef int BufferedReader;char*F="JF>:>FB;;BII";
#define return {return
#define static f(x){N=(N+x)%6,y--?f(0),f(1),f(4),f(1):++Y[(I=O+N[F]-66)
#define String
#define System c
#define this if(D):1,O=I,I/=16,l<_/32?if(B):l>_/32?if(A):2,l=_,_/=16,byte
#define throws
#define toArray(x)c
#define try for(;--c.c;)
#define void /16][(_=l+N[6+F]-66)/16]?O/=16,l/=32,OI/16?this
#define while(k)if(2J),if(7;21H),f(0),f(4),f(4),if(H),/*

import java.util.*;

* A lame Java program.
* @author J. Random Worker
class LameJavaApp

/** The infamous Long-Winded Signature From Hell. */
public static void main(String[] args)
throws IOException
/* Don't get me started on this. */
BufferedReader reader =
new BufferedReader(new FileReader(args[0]));

/* What, this long incantation just to print a string? */
System.err.println("Hello world!");

/* At least this is sane. */
String line;
while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null)

* Method with a needlessly long name.
* @param aSet a set (!)
private String[] getAllStrings(Set aSet)
* This dance is needed even in J2SE 5, which has type
* templates. It was worse before that.
return aSet.toArray(new String[0]);


Gostou ? Hã? Então roda aí um $gcc -o teste teste.c e vê o resultado. :-)

Esse foi um dos vários programas legais (pra se ver uma vez...) que eu achei no site do The International Obfuscated C Code Contest.


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